Display Sponsorship

Only 7 available, $2,500

Your Company Name and Logo showing you as Display Sponsor on the sites Christmas on the Ranch, Galway Downs.com, Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley and Coordinex LLC website.

Breakfast with Santa and Friends 4 tickets for the event.

Complimentary tickets 6 each to the Ice Skating Rink.

The Main Event banner will have your company name as the Display Sponsor.

As an additional incentive for an additional $5K your company can be the main program sponsor for “Breakfast with Santa” a Temecula Community event.

Company Name in all digital marketing campaigns promotions featuring Christmas on the Ranch, as an average 2 to 3 posts weekly impressions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, space allowing, your logo may sometimes be used.

Your Company Name will be featured in Activity area as a Display sponsor.

In the Program book a full-page ad on the inside of the book.

Your Company Name and Logo would be prominently displayed in one of these programs you chose to sponsor. Promenade of Lights, Holiday Hay Rides, or Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Become a Sponsor

Please call us to discuss more:  310-968-3209